Open Water Coaching Guildford Lido

open water swimming  - Guildford lido


4-week course for improvers/ intermediate

  • Maximum 8 swimmers.
  • During this course we will focus on; technique,  endurance and also develop confidence swimming in open water and with a wetsuit.
  • It is super fun swimming in the lido


1. Tuesday 11 June


2. Tuesday 25 June

3. Tuesday 2 July

4. Tuesday 9 July

Guildford Lido
Cost: £100 to include pool entry.
wetsuit or non wetsuit. 




Open Water Swimming Skills Sessions - Group & Private Coaching

Friendly open water swimming coaching sessions with like minded people, suitable for beginner and intermediate adult and junior triathletes and open water swimmers.  

Whether you've anxious about getting into the open water for the first time, open water swimming for pleasure, or you're a seasoned triathlete looking to improve your race times and get that age group podium finish, our expert coaching will make you swim more comfortably, much faster and make you learn to love the open water! 

  • Gain confidence in Open-water.
  • Learn how to sight.
  • swim longer distances without stopping at the side!
  • Swim with more relaxed breathing.
  • Learn how to draft.
  • Practise mass starts
  • Prepare for your first race!

For who?

  • From non swimmers to advanced Triathletes

Level I (beginners)

For anyone who has never swam in open water before (fast or slow swimmers)

Anyone who has a fear of open water (fast or slow swimmers)

Level II (intermediate)

For anyone who has attended level 1 or who has raced in open water and wants further progressive coaching

Level III (advanced)

For anyone who is already racing and wishes to improve.


Please email for more information.