One-to-One Swimming Lessons

I offer adult swimming lessons in Surrey and Hampshire for all ages and abilities, designed to specifically meet your goals. So whether you are a late starter, or simply aiming to improve your swimming technique, we have the swimming lesson for you. Adult swimming lessons are available for beginner swimmers, intermediate swimmers, and advanced swimmers.


Adult Beginners Swimming Lessons

As a beginner you face many challenges in learning to swim including getting used to the water, learning the actions, learning how to breath and possibly overcoming the fear of the water.  This is all normal and do not worry! 

Build your confidence in the confines of a private pool with a fully qualified instructor, who can progress you through swimming at a level that suits you.

Call 07787117508 to book.


Adult Intermediate Swimming Lessons

You can already swim but would like to be able to swim for fun or fitness, or would like to improve your technique. I can provide a programme that suits you, giving you helpful tips, advice and practices you can do in your time.

Call 07787117508 to book.


Adult Advanced Swimming Lessons

If you can swim a sub 6 minute for 400m you are advanced.  Quite likely you might have a swimming background or have been working hard on your swimming.   There is still room to improve and swim faster!  I can carry out a 121 video analysis and stroke correction session. 

This would include being filmed above and below the water in various angles.  The video footage will then be fully analysed. You will be given extensive feedback, advice and methods and drills to help you improve.

Call 07787117508 to book.